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Order on hold

I have had no response from any of the Avalon support tickets I have left, or the Forum PM's or the direct sms to your cell number Yifu.

This is a last ditch effort to get a solution.

My batch #3 Order #5005 staus is 'On hold'. I have provided all of the details to you many times over and there is no way now I will ever see a ROI. Awaiting a response for my tickets the refund window came and went and still nothing. I've paid you and you have not delivered or given me instructions on how to proceed.

Please Yifu, this is a publicly listed asset belonging to a perpeptual Mining Bond and your reputation and future works are reflected in how this situation is handled.

I ask you again, Please can you attend to this particular order and contact me either through the order email or directly at We are visible on skype at liteloufie, the bond is at or and are very keen to work with you on this and not against you.

I will gladly provide you any documentation or proof that you may need. You've personally helped us sort through Avalon issues before and this should be no different.

Thank you for your time 

Trent Churchill aka Loufie Churchill

GM of Triple B Mining

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