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Ordered 30 Units cannot login to the store anymore - very dis-concerting....


As you can see I placed this order on 10/03 and paid in FULL with Bitcoin. This was a FIRST BATCH order.

Before I used to be able to log into your store web site and it would confirm my order and shipping addresses and say I paid in full in Bitcoin and payment is completed.

Now I can't login to your store at all, please look below for a forward from the email your store sent me

also below it you will see a second email your store sent me confirming that the Bitcoin payment has been paid in full.

I'm sue Breen, but the email account is in my boyfriend names Rob, we share an email account so it does not cause any confusion but I am Sue Breen the one that placed the order and my address is on the billing and shipping addresses.

Avalon ASIC

Dear Robert Dobbs,

Your order # 200000393 has been updated to
Bitcoin Payment Completed.
You can check the status of your order by logging into your account.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at
Thank you again, Avalon ASIC

Can you please address why I cannot login into your account anymore and see my order? I dont wish to give you a hard time I know you are busy but I paid for 30 units, was assured 30 units and am expecting 30 units

please advise
thank you

Sue Breen

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